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Category : Computers & Internet | Posted by : Rayancaleb | Posted on : 4/16/2018 | Updated on : 4/16/2018
Keywords : clicking, today, working, keypad, key, am, number, numeric, computer, curve, now, microsoft, 10, desktop, was, numlock
Why is my numeric keypad not working on my desktop computer?

I am using a Microsoft Comfort Curve wired keyboard with a desktop computer running Windows 10. The number keypad was working fine until today, but isn't now. Clicking the NumLock key doesn't make a difference. The Ease of Access Center fix suggested elsewhere doesn't seem to help. Going into Device Manager in Control Panel to remove and re-add my keyboard doesn't seem to help. I do have spare standard keyboards from previous computers in the basement, so I could try swapping one of those in -- but would lose the ergonomic features I bought the MS Comfort Curve keyboard for. Is there anything else I can try?

Please help.

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