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Category : Travel » Travel agencies | Posted by : vimmatlop | Posted on : 2/2/2016 | Updated on : 2/2/2016
Keywords : beaches, waters, picturesque, natural, about, place, coast, beauty, grand, tiny, most, india, goa, land, by, par, green, famous, regarding
Why goa is most favoite place for indians ?
Goa, a tiny green land encircled by azure waters about the West Coast regarding India, with their natural picturesque beauty, attractive beaches and famous architectural wats or temples, grand parties and festivals and its rich Anglo-Indian heritage is a good attraction for almost all tourists. The most significant places of interests would be the beaches of Goa which are filled with millions of tourists every season as visitors everywhere flock to this specific natural paradise to bathe in the pleasant sun and clear azure-green waters of the sea.To gorge about the lip-smacking and mouth-watering Konkan and Goanese cuisine such as chicken rechado and xacuti and also to rock and rave in the night parties with the fire-lit sea shorelines. The vast variety of diverse rocky and sand, golden or silver precious metal sand beaches spellbinds the tourists because of their awe-inspiring scenic beauty.

Kochi to munnar taxi

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