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Category : Relationships » Dating | Posted by : Carlos | Posted on : 4/13/2009 | Updated on : 4/13/2009
Keywords : rude, women, selfish, like, men
Why do women like rude and selfish men?
Why do women like rude and selfish men?

I reckon its sick and most likely most don't even know they are doing it - but probably its because if you get them to accept you and make them happy its like a challenge won because they aren't easily pleased and you've achieved somrthing no one else has.
They feel like having work to do.
As a woman, the rude and selfish men I have dated didn't seem rude OR selfish... at first. Maybe we date these men because they give false first(2nd 3rd 4th 5th etc...) impressions of themselves until they get more comfortable in the relationship allowing the true rude and selfish man in them to come out. By this time, the woman has become emotionally attached to the man making it hard to end a the unhealthy relationship.

This is simply my experience and input... i'm sure it's not everyone's case....
I don't like rude and selfish men. I imagine that those women who tolerate them, do so because of low self-esteem. I can't imagine anyone actually LIKING those kind of men.
i do also believe it has alot to do with low self esteem.that can be easily fixed...well if you want to fix it. you can't help those who don't want to be helped. People feel the need to be accepted. and if that means negative acceptance...then they will take it. any one deserves better. i wouldn't wish these kinds of relationships on my worst enemies.
I want to chime in here. My opinion comes from having many relationships in the past with the longest two being 4 years and 2 1/2 years respectively.

The way I see it is that it is important to note that (some)Women are not emotionally healthy and have constant mood swings which can sometimes be further described as a split personality. So understanding these Women is very difficult and they may change themselves from how you know them and make decisions based on need which means the direction they will go at any given point is blowing in the breeze and they seem to stand for nothing but to be acted upon by others, anyone at anytime can influence them greatly. WHY? I am sure that you are right about low self-esteem. That is a huge factor. So basically those that are most unhealthy are hard to describe because they really do things in no order or pattern which is another discussion.
But as far as Women liking rude and selfish men I believe that is sadly very true. I will be honest the two Women in my life that I loved really stayed with me because they didn't want to lose me as a friend in their life. I have been guilty of being very generous and always complimenting and inviting affection and attention. So guys, if you play the role of the boyfriend that is TOO predictable and too nice it will be one thing in the end TOO much. My girlfriends left me for "bad guys" one had tattoos all over his body and the other I know had his hands into some illegal activity so these guys were an adventure for these women. The guys were just kind enough for the women to feel something there but really didn't treat them that well and the relationships really didn't last that long. Bottom line here is Women will always want what they can't have. The Enjoy it. They want to date Men that don't like them that much. It sounds Crazy but Women really like guys more that don't give them too much attention because as it was said earlier by someone Women wan to work for it. So what is the trick to finding the right one and having a relationship of your dreams, I would say be yourself always, be true to yourself and don't stop doing what you love or give to much, try and keep a balance and if they can enjoy your company so much that you can talk for hours about anything you are on too something. If there seem to be no red flags and getting along together and communicating seems so Easy and Natural and there are no red flags you are in a good one for the long run.
Good Luck.
Hi my name is Vin, I agree with the people here, it has a lot to do with self-esteem, also attraction, women wanting what they can't have, it's very common but it's very untrue that all women are like that. you just have to keep things balanced, if couples are really really in love, many people think that they're in love, but they're actually not.

keeping things balanced, be yourself, don't be way too damn nice, if she does something wrong, confront her, put a limit to it.

think of a child, when you're too nice to your child, they walk all over you they don't fear you, but they fear and respect their uncle, or their aunt, you know someone who's intolerant to Bullsh'it.

be best friends, always suggest things to your girlfriend,
be a damn man. that's all there is to it. and if she's in love with you, she will not leave you for some "bad" guy, unless she's a major league whore.
most dont but the feel like he is the only one that loves them or that no one else will date them
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