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Category : Computers & Internet » Video games » Role-Playing | Posted by : Carlos | Posted on : 3/4/2009 | Updated on : 3/4/2009
Keywords : out, duty, map, coming, call, zombie, new
When is the new zombie map coming out for Call Of Duty 5?
when is the new zombie map coming out for Call Of Duty 5?

a developper in Treyarch Corporation says that the new DLC map pack will arrives "soon", including a fresh zombie level.
The new Nazi Zombie map's are coming out some time in March 09. I don't know what exact date.
yes, the new cod map pack is coming out in march, ive heard it on a game newz radio.
The new maps are coming out on Monday. I found out earlier. (I'm the other Anonymous User)
The new maps are comming out on the 8th march
its supposed to be comn out in march 7th 2009 but ive heard that a other maps will come out soon
well guys its the 9th and they still arent out!
maybe you should be patient and wait?
does anyone know when they are coming out has anyone looked on the cod 5 website
when the hell is the map pack out its the 9th now
i just phoned playstation guys and they said the store is only updated on a Thursday so advised looking then to see if it has been added for download.This stinks
wtf!!!!!!!! where are da new maps!!!!! its march the 9th!!!!!!
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There HERE NOw 4 360!!!!!!
here where are the maps its march the 9th
ii but when they comin out 4 ps3:@
r they out 4 xbox now ???
They are coming out tomorrow now calm down children. Treyarch representative
when the hell is it coming out, it is a load of crap waiting and i want then to come out
wth its march 9th and its not out its supposed to be out but its not on psn so wth
the maps are comking out MARCH THE 11th trust me my uncle works at infinity ward and he told me knee deep, knight fire,station and zombie map asylum and the price is going to be 800 micro points so i suggest you get ure points today because it looks rely good oh and you get ranked up on zombie mode this time and you also get scopes in cola machines als perks. TRUST ME oh and posting a video on youtube with the gameplay of new maps tomorow its called "sickmapcodfire"
oh thx its cool its out in china and mexico dont no bout others it ses 11 in britain, america, and all over thx >>>>>>>>>>>>
WOW ure right LOOOOOOOOOOOL its well good
chuuuuuuu chuuuuuuuuuuu 11th march its true EVERONE POST IT ALL OVER THE WORLD
it comes out on the 12th which is when the xbox live store updates and when xbox live updates that have to happen on the xbox happen.
so its either tomorow or thursday shouldnt be any later but ive heard its been delayed by several people and wont be coming out till the 21st due to issues about glitches, bugs and stuff. so it could be now, soon, later.
just give treyarch time to perfect the maps
Its gonna be the friday the 13th becuase, friday 27th feb makin day map came out, friday 6th douple xp weekend.
its comming out the 12 so just wait one more day
it comin out at end of month(march)y can't u wait that long.AND NO HE LIEIN THE NEW MAPS ARE'NT OUT FOR XBOX 360 YET?
13th deffwntly
Yeah it is coming out today at 3 pm! I work for xbox live and it will be available to buy and download at approx. 3 pm central time! so get ready! and yes, you CAN RANK UP ON ZOMBIES NOW!!!! :-)
OMG!!!! Yeah i heard the same thing from infinity ward!!!

When does it come out on PS3 ???

its offical it comes out next thurs for ps3 (19th)
i work for zombies. I mean Sony and it comes out tomoorrow 19 march. You can not rank up dont listen to the idiot above and i have the price which is 15.99 for the game pack.
What time does the new maps come out tomorrow for new England time
Y does it say 11:33 it is only 6:34 now
its defenatley comes out today
you know you love t :L
Well its out on xbox but still not on PS3 there so bad at this stuff.
hi guys i think the new map will come out at 6.30
so look then
how u get them they anit in there
when is it coming out on pc?
New zombie map is wicked! Add my PS3 ID: BAMitsDAVE my highest round is Round 20! :-D
it comes out of all of your arses and if you are special need your penis/vagina XD
how do you unlock the new zombie maps???
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