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Category : Entertainment & Arts | Posted by : Rayancaleb | Posted on : 4/16/2018 | Updated on : 4/16/2018
Keywords : box, responsive, did, go, apps, gtunes, gone, wasn, realized, music, mp3, had, hi, anymore, where, being, then, happened
What happened to all the free MP3 Download Apps?

I had downloaded the MP3 music download app and I realized it wasn't being responsive, then I realized it wasn't in the market anymore. Where did it go? Also Gtunes is gone as is Music Box. On a quick note so is the ESPN sportcenter app. What is going on? I now also can't get the MP3 app off of my app listing. Tried erasing files from Root Explorer and its still there. How do I erase it? Any info on any of this, anyone?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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