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Category : Religion & Spirituality | Posted by : Joe | Posted on : 8/11/2008 | Updated on : 8/11/2008
Keywords : baba, some, baba, vanga, prophecies, main, fulfilment
Prophecies of Baba Vanga
what are the prophecies of Baba Vanga? some of the main Baba Vanga's prophecies and their fulfilment

Baba Vanga was born in Strumica, lived from 3 october 1911 to 11 august 1996, she predicted that in 200 years (~year 2150) We will make contact with another intelligent civilisation from another planet, shed said also that many aliens have been living on the earth for years and they came from a planet called Vamfim.
There is a book called "Journeys to Vamfim (Mars)" in the collection "Meetings in other dimensions", published by Solteris on 1994 about a spiritual visit to planet Vamfim ...
the writer describes her astral travels to Vamfim under the guidance of her spiritual guide Zen and all the experiences that she had there.
Baba Vanga is a blind Bulgarian prophetess, many people believe in her and her stories, she have predicted many horrible catastrophes, including that the Third World War would break out in 2010 ...
F*ck thats next year :( i still have to go to collage what the f*ck i dun want to go to the military, unless i become navy seals...oh and srry for my swearing :) this is kinda scary lol
Hey, the lady's prophecies are not true, unless you want to believe they are. No one can predict the future.
Hi all.
It was funny to find a post about Vanga (may she rest in peace) here in a foreign site :) I'm a Bulgarian and let me share this with you - yes, most Bulgarians believe Vanga's prophecies and not only because she was a person filled with love and goodness for all people. I know a lot of people who have had the priveledge to meet her and receive help from her, so yes.. I do believe. And about her way of expressing 'faith' and 'prediction of the future' is that there are some points of our lives that we have to go through, but a lot of it IS dependant on our actions and our way of thinking. Everyone has his own right to believe what he wants and that's ok. Everything that the human is - it's ok. Only envy and greed are the things that are stopping our evolution and development. So I wish you all the good things and hope you have a good life.. and wish and do good to others ;)
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