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Category : Technology | Posted by : Paul | Posted on : 9/2/2008 | Updated on : 9/2/2008
Keywords : and, screen, disappear, make, lcd, green, pixel, solution, help, blocked, has, can, how, fix
My LCD screen has a green blocked pixel, how can i fix it and make it disappear?
My LCD screen has an annoying green blocked pixel, how can i fix it and make it disappear?

The Answer
Take a point of anything that will not cut in your screen (smooth, plastic, etc)

Press the object against the dead pixel, do not push too hard as to damage the screen (duh)

Turn off and then on your monitor. Voila. Your problem should be solved.

It's caused because each pixel has an element that becomes charged when the monitor turns on. When the path between pixels becomes blocked you get a dead pixel. Agitating the liquid in the pixel does the trick almost every time.
Other Answers
I had a green pixel which I flicked with my thumb and forfinger, and it disappeared off the screen. Funny because I did it out of pure instinct; no rational problem solving. Sort of like how people used to whap a TV on the side and it would always clear up a picture.
A dead pixel appeared on my Samsung 940N a few days ago. I was really p*ssed, thinking about how I should proceed and how frustrating the replacement will be. In this mood I angrily pressed that pixel with my finger - and it DISAPPEARED. First I was shocked, then surprised, then happy :)
Try on of this softwares (freeware):

- UDPixel
- JScreenFix

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