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Category : Relationships » Relationship basics | Posted by : TCode | Posted on : 4/6/2009 | Updated on : 4/6/2009
Keywords : miss, you, tell, okay, her, girl
Is it okay to tell a girl you miss her?
Is it okay to tell a girl you miss her?

yea if u really do and u really cared..
do you even have to ask? if you cared you would
not if you're not allowed within 50 feet of her ;)
If you really do, go for it. If shes worth it she will love the fact that you told her
sure go ahead.. for all you know, she might have forgoten all about you and needs reminding...
yer of corse, us girls love it when you say that you miss us because it makes us feel that you understand when we miss you, also we say somtimes "you don't miss me your just saying it" we say that coz we think it would be wimpy for us to say what we really think.. because boys are sometime imature
of corse than that will make them feel good 2 kno that u were thinking bout her and u missed just dont say 2 much because she'll think ur saying it just 2 say it
no if she's not totally into you, because she will think that you're inferior to her.
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