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Category : Technology » Electronics » Mobile phones | Posted by : CDR | Posted on : 6/1/2010 | Updated on : 6/1/2010
Keywords : conversations, gsm, recorder, call, htc, desire, android
HTC Desire (Android) GSM Call/Conversations Recorder
is it possible to record your phone conversations on HTC Desire?
before i've used total recorder on my nokia s60 to record some gsm calls and Conversations, i know that the new HTC Desire with Android OS doesn't have a build in call recorder function, but are there any 3rd party software doing this correctly ?

You can't record calls on HTC Desire
oh, i've had a sony ericsson k770i, and i moved to iphone and sold it because there's no phone recording, and now i have this htc desire and have to sell it again :(
i'll buy a Nokia n900, it's a great phone and there's a good 3rd party application to save calls
You can't record calls on HTC Desire
i have got today a new HTC touch hd2 phone with windows 6.5 as OS and i can save conversations very easily, the saved records sound quality is great, so i think it's not a hardware limitation and that all HTC phones including HTC Desire can save calls communications, but someone should develop this on android os.
Recently blogged about this:

"Call recording crippled on #Android - FIX THIS NOW Google!"
There are no applications to do it, or at least I cant find any that recorded without using speakerphone. I'm a journalist and it really annoys me that old phones can do this, my old Nokia 5800 had a call record function, but HTC still wont let developers make this kind of function.

However, if you carry out the phone call with headphones and hold one earpiece down to the microphone, it picks up both sides of the conversation. This is what I've been doing!

dear friend
How are you, so please i'm looking who can supply me the cell phone recorder as soon as possible

the best regard
kamugisha eugene
head of communication

i have htc desire and i have install al,ost all call recorder application in  my phone but unfortunately none of the working properly, i m suffering bellow error....

only my voice can record, i can not record voice of the other whome i called
so pls guide me to record two side caller voice...
my cell no. is 9662541088
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