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Category : Relationships » Family | Posted by : Doubb | Posted on : 6/18/2009 | Updated on : 6/18/2009
Keywords : boyfriend, first, have, parents, tell, you
How to tell your parents that you have your first boyfriend
Ways to tell your mom or dad you have a boyfriend,
how to tell them you're dating someone ?

ask them how they met, what they did on their first date or meeting... ask intriguing qs.. sound interested n when they ask you why the sudden curiosity, quickly say nothing.. just asking and then look down and smile to yourself... they'll get it...
n try to add a blush... dat'll be the icing on the cake...
do tel me what happened..
i said this to mine.."hey wanna hear a story,,well guess who just got a boyfriend"....:) oh yeh timing is every thing... i told mine just as we were pulling into a family friedns house they didnt have much time to say wat ever they wanted to say..but they were happy so it was all good!!
My first bf convo with parents went down lyk this:
Me: Ma, dad!?
Them: Wut du u want kidd?
Me: Uh...can i tell u guys something?
Them: what?
Me: pause) BF :D
My mom: (says my namee) ur still yung (hugs me)
Dad: im hungry
Me: w/e (i go away and callhim) XD

i was like 12? :\ so yeah just come out with it and hope for the best! :P
Ask them how they met, what they did on their first date or meeting... ask intriguing qs.. sound interested n when they ask you why the sudden curiosity, quickly say nothing.. just asking and then look down and smile to yourself... they'll get it...
n try to add a blush... dat'll be the icing on the cake...
Do tell me what happened dear, I'd very much love to know. :) Hope it goes well for u.
sit down and talk to them about when they started dating then tell them or tell a really close relative and then u will be cofident enough to tell ur parents
 I'vee nvr been out with any1 and i'm 11 but i would tell them like this.
Me: Mum, dad.
Them: Yes?
Me: How do i tell you i have a boyfriend?
Them: (their answer)
Me: Oh...Okaii (then i repeat what they just told me)

Im only 12 years old and i have a boyfriend. we have been going out for a 1 mounth and 3 weeks now. and i just wish that i could tell but im so nervouse i dont know how to say it to my parents!! i need help now!!!
tell em that you really like him .  will  i really like this boy and am 12 to butshould i tell my parent how i feel
I really dont know how to tell my mom :l im on my 4th bf and I still havent told her :(
i would just try to tie it into a conversation like...i dony know .ur talking at the dinner table and just like maybe bring it up fast.thats how i did it and ive been going out with my BF for 4 monthes

you could just tell them if theier ok with u going out with someone then  they should be happy for u if they dont want u to have a BF then just dont tell them
also tell ur mom not ur dad cause moms are more easy going than dads
trust me i made the mistake of telling my dad first and it didnt go well (i had to lie and tell my dad i broke up with him and then like a week later i told my mom about my BF )
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and also this works ive been goin gout with my BF for 4 monthes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

same thing here my parents made it very clear that i can't have a boyfriend until i'm 17!!!! i have 1 now and im 12!!!! we have been together for 8 months and he just told his parents last week!!!!! how will i tell them without them telling me i cant see him!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
 okay first of all , everyones answer up there ^ YOUR ALL LIKE 12 OR 11. GROW UP, you shouldnt even have a boyfriend. its not "cool", its just makes you look more immature. so my advice is to get a life. 
Awesome job cathy!!! Best advice on there!
 Okay. So. I am 18. And I have met an amazing guy who really likes me, and he invited me to be his date to his sisters wedding next weekend and everything. He wants to meet my parents before, but I havent even told them about him yet. They know OF him...but. I am worried they'll hate him becuase my last boyfriend...well turned out to be a D-Bag and they hated him. I don't know how to tel them...HELP!!!
 ok im 15 and i been with this guy for 3 months i want to tell my mom about him but i dont know how she will reacted im scared she will tell me im to young to be with him. he is 17 and he have told his family bout us he even asked me to marry him i said we really luv each other but i need help telling my mom bout it
WOW; you girls should be playing with barbies not boys. tbh you shouldnt even be having a boyfriend :L .
Just saying, I'm 12 and I have a boyfriend. I'm not doing it to be cool or whateva, over half the girls in my grade have boyfriends. This is the 21st century, not the 1980's YOUNG PEOPLE DATE GET OVER IT, we 12 and 11 year olds are a LOT more grown up than you people might think.
Well the reason most 11 and 12 year olds is on this site is because they are mature enought to want to tell their parents, and would like a positive, healthy relashonships with their parents and they would like to minimise secrets. Modern society has accepted dating at a younger age, and this is not a bad thing, nor a fantasic one either. And I suggest that everyone accepts this fact, and offers support for these people instead of loading more pressure onto the already high pressure world many may live in, due to the media. And Cathy, please take my advice into consideration as I have done with yours, and realise that the world is much, much more modernised than the one I suspect you live in.
Goodluck everybody, my best advice to you to do what you feel best, because you know your parents better than I do.
Okay, for all you people hating on my fellow 11 and 12 year olds, YOU get a life. We're probably more mature that you will ever think we are or who you ever will be. Seriously? Barbies? And you think we have boyfriends to be "cool"? Wow. Just so you know, we have the SAME REASON AS EVERYONE ELSE that has a boyfriend. We like them more than a friend, and we want to date them.

Society has changed, folks. Just Get Used To It.
There is a guy that keeps on asking me if i could be his gf (we're both 12) he's only 1 week older than me.... I neveranswered him yet because i'm afraid what my parents would say if they'll find out....the problem is i really like him and he's the most popular guy in school and everyone calls me lucky.. now i don't know what to do and how to tell my parents about him!!!!! my mom saw him one's in school and said: " he walks like a gay" i wanted to explode but cooled down.....he actually has muscles...we're both grade 6 and all of the 4th and 3rd year havea crush on him..... HELP ME!!!!!
I'm 13 and I just got my first boyfriend one week ago exactly. To be ghonest though, we're more like best friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, we've planned to meet up today. I told my mum I was meeting up with a friend from gang show (Beuse, he IS a friend from gang show...he just also happens to be my boyfriend) and last night my mum was going over the times ect. When I said where we were going, she said "Oh, couldn't you have just invited her round?"- in other words, she has no suspicion, I was gonna tell her there and then, but when she came out with that, I just completely lost my guts. What do I do? Please help! I'm reallly embaressed to speak to my mum about this!
Ok, Cathy, leave young people alone. This is the 21st Century- we have accepted dating at a younger age and you should too. When women started to wear trousers/slacks people ridiculed them (Ever heard of "The ladie's in bloomers who gardened at Kew"?) but now everyone wears them. I wouldn't be seen dead in a flouncy skirt because I'm a big tomboy- 50 years ago, being a tomboy would have automatically made me 'lesbian' even though I'm not. What I'm trying to say is, whatever the era, the adults always think what young people do is ridiculous, and sometimes you're right, but weren't you guys ridiculous yourselves? Ever had an 80's haircut? Or danced at a 70's disco? People always think that 'the youth of today' are stupid and should no better but actually, you did things that were just as bad so don't have a go at younger people. Yes, sometimes, kids will get boyfriends or girlfriends just to be cool, but that's not everyone. The people on here are mature enough to want to tell their parents. I'm 13, this is my first boyfriend, I didn't say yes to him just to be cool, I'm a self-confessed nerd. I don't want to be in with the popular crowd, they're all jerks as far as I'm concerned. If I wanted to be like them, I'd have had like, 17 or 18 boyfriends by now. I am going out with Josh because I like him as a person. Neither of us are really popular or cool, we simply like eachother for eachother. Not all young people date just to get attention from their peers- some of them actually DO love eachother. It is possible to find love at such an age.

Please, stop shooting kids down- you were young once yourself and no doubt you will have done things that the adults of your time would've seen as stupid. You think we're so immature? May I remind you- YOU WERE JUST AS BAD.
Ok im 12 and i have to say that im very grown up...i have a boyfirend and i really like him and i didnt tell my dad!!!! My dad is very stricked about me and guys so im scared that if i told him he'll be really mad!!!! P.S its only been a month!!!! 
 I so agree wIth the last 5 answers!!! WTF people who are you kIddIng? Its called 16&pregnat not 12&preagnat!!!!! Oh yeah theres always reports of 12 year olds who dId It.........really?
Anyways Im 12 and had to go through that before... what I dId was tell my sIs younger or  older does not matter then have her tell your mom!! Or leave your selfphone unlocked and aak your  mom to open It for you only to see your boyfrIends contact or messages come up! Good Luck gIrls!!! :)
Im 12 and i have an almost 16 year old boyfriend. he is my first boyfriend and he treats me amazingly. We hardly get to see eachother cuz my parents are over protective and they dont know about him. i dont know if i should tell them or not because im scared they might say im not aloud to see him but maybe they'll let me see him more...
My family has known him  sinse he was 11 or something and he used to go out with my sister who is two years older than me. he is good friends with my brother who is four years older than me.
I really love this guy but i usually can only see him once a week and we dont get any personall time.
He treats me better than anyone my own age would
what should i do?
 You know what, im 12 i got a boyfriend today, i haven't told my mom yet but so what. I'll tell her when im ready and anyway. If it gets to the point where i NEED to tell her then i will.
Just change your relationship status on Facebook or whatever and your mom will find out from there somehow. 
It will probably go something like this:
''(Name) your (sister/brother/auntie etc etc) just called me and said your relationship status on facebook has *changed*
''Yeah, and?'' 
''Who is he then?''
''(Their name)''
''Is he nice, how long you been dating (blaah blaah blaah) ?
''I need the toilet, wheres the dog?'' (make up an excuse and leave)
I'm 12 years old and i have a really cute and amazing boyfriend but i dont know how to say it to my parents.  Please help me as quick as possible...  
Im 11 and i have a boyfriend and i cant tell my mam its so hard. People says were 11 too young for a bf but were not we dont like a guy to be cool  or whatever .11 yrs old is not a child and its not a teenager but what ever age u are u always will have a crush and i was reading some of these and a girl said were not in the 1880s  or something like that yes shes right and barbies at 11 probably at 8 u play with them but even if u play with dolls at 11 its not wired but its a hole different story about barbies and bf  .
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