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Category : Relationships » Relationship basics | Posted by : Emy | Posted on : 3/29/2009 | Updated on : 3/29/2009
Keywords : miss, guy, you
How to make a guy miss you?
How to make a guy miss you?

Call him late at night, right before you go to sleep to say goodnight. Don't start any conversation, simply say that you called to say goodnight. Everyone is lonliest at night, and he will be overwhelmed by your call and will surely miss you.
Become good at 'physical' love and he will miss being away from it. Or be a good cook and a generally good woman so he will miss you. But remember you cannot make him miss you, he has to do it for himself
Teach him things, use your brain during the relationship, be so differently unique but still yourself so that he will always miss your closeness. Of course, you will need to have an energy that is attractive to begin with and a mind that compliments it. The mind is the biggest turn on-- don't let him forget yours! Karen K.
Ignore him. Give him time to see his life with out you. If he cared he will contact you. It take patience. Work on you and when he contacts you be poitive and let him know all of the great things you have been doing.
get him interested in u and tell him he's special and then give him space!
Basically step away from him. No man likes to be, as they call it "smothered" they may think the world of you, but yet, still want to have time alone to do their "own thing". Make sure that you keep yourself busy, or if you do not have any plans, then tell him you've been up a friends house etc. Dont overdo it and lie about clubbing etc. When he talks to you online, act normal, but not to cheesy as you usually would be. Instead of writing back asap, leave it for about 3 mins at least before you reply, therefore he will think your busy chatting to other people, and this will definitley make him want you. He will be mysterious, but he needs to work, to have the sweet you again. Lay off with the "babes, hun" just talk like you are friends and nothing more. He will immediatley think your loosing interest, and soon the hel be in eating out of the palm of your hand!
i love  you
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