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Category : Computers & Internet » Video games » Fighting | Posted by : Maxx | Posted on : 2/6/2012 | Updated on : 2/6/2012
Keywords : unlock, calibur, dampierre, free, unlock, soul
How do i Get or Unlock dampierre in Soul calibur 5 for free?
How do i Get or Unlock dampierre in Soul calibur 5 casual for free?

is dampierre unlockable? i mean can I get this character in SCV ?
maybe he's already in the game and the DLC is just an unlock key ?
To have the Lord Geo Dampierre in Soul calibur 5 for free you got to buy him as a best buy pre-order in America or buy him in Europe during launch as part of the collector’s edition or you will have to wait till he's available as DLC from the PSN/Xbox Market and purchase him.
I hate preordering DLC things before the game is out
I already pre-ordered at Amazon and I will not cancel
it's funny that you can't get dampierre legally, is there a way to crack the game sc5 ??
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