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Category : Computers & Internet » Video games » Other | Posted by : Peter | Posted on : 11/25/2010 | Updated on : 11/25/2010
Keywords : ii, icewind, online, friends, play, dale, ii
How can I play Icewind Dale II online ?
How can I play Icewind Dale II online with friends

you can play Icewind Dale II on your local lan, but if you want to play online the best solution is to use GameRanger,

Gameranger is free and you can play Icewind Dale II with friends or worldwide players, just install it and select the game Icewind Dale II from the supported games list and select the executable from your harddrive and you'll find many rooms and/or you can create your own room and friends or internet players will join.

search for GameRanger on google and install it.
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