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Category : Computers & Internet » Computer Networking » Encryption | Posted by : Williamhawk | Posted on : 10/13/2017 | Updated on : 10/13/2017
Keywords : broadband, issues, recently, tody, someone, devolo, powerline, download, latest, has, firmware, guys, annoying, optic, adaptor, fibre, hey, issue, help
Devolo Powerline Adaptor Wireless Issues.
 Hey guys,
Hoping someone can help me with this annoying issue...
Every devolo on my network has the latest firmware as of tody.
I recently upgraded to fibre optic broadband and the download speed at my router is about 60 mbps. The Wifi from my router also shows approximately 60 mbps. But, at each end of my house I have dLAN 500 Wifi’s as the routers signal won't reach there. They are connected to the router by an AVmini 500. The Wireless from each of my dLAN 500 WiFi’s is only about 20 mbps, but the Ethernet port on the bottom of each dLAN 500 WiFi provides about 60 mbps. I have no idea why it is transferring at 20 mbps over the wireless on the adaptor, I have tried basic troubleshooting, but ran out of ideas.
For more details : whiteboard animation

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