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Category : Health | Posted by : Karen | Posted on : 9/18/2008 | Updated on : 9/18/2008
Keywords : out, and, help, you, solution, test, stressed, find, are
Are you stressed? Test and Find out.
The more the figures are moving, the more stressed are you.
Tests among murder-convicted people has shown that the first eight "circles" are moving very fast round

What is the explanation for this?

Circles are not moving!!! Maybe you should see a doctor.

i'm joking ... they are moving in opposite directions,
just a long shot but...

firstly its an irrittating thing to watch.
moreover, when u look at a circle of petals... it tends to stop turning... i.e the other ones seem to start turning. hence i guess people under a lot of stress end up getting agitated real quick and cann't focus at the image consistantly for more than a few seconds/ microseconnds... resulting in the illusion of the fast moving petal rings..
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