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Category : Health » Child Health | Posted by : Rayancaleb | Posted on : 4/9/2018 | Updated on : 4/9/2018
Keywords : breakouts, they, fruit, sometimes, worke, reaction, terrible, eczema, nothing, have, fruits, seem, wondering, sauce, completely, hi, if, has
Anyone have a child with an eczema reaction to fruits?
 Hi! I am wondering if my son's eczema trigger is fruit and tomato sauce. He has terrible eczema breakouts from head to toe. They seem to clear up sometimes, but never completely. Nothing has worked with the doctor so far but I'm beginning to wonder if he is allergic to fruits and tomato sauce. Has anyone had experience with this? If so, I'm wondering if you could give me a better idea about which fruits your child was most sensitive to. He is 8, takes a Zyrtec every night along with cod liver oil and a multi vitamin.

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