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Category : Literature & Language » Books & Literature » Short Stories | Posted by : Anon | Posted on : 4/13/2011 | Updated on : 4/13/2011
Keywords : boy, they, girl, would, was, there, you, were, boy, say, love, over, went, holidaes, th
There was a girl and boy and they thought they were i love
there was a girl and boy and they thought they were i love. the girl would say i love you and he would say "you 2" so the school term was over and they went on holidaes all through the holidaes the spoke up until 2 days before school it was a party that they both were invited to but the girl couldnt go but he could and so could her best friend so they all went and had a great time and then went school started to girl was walking into school as she sore one of her friends who said did you no that he dumped you and is going out with your best friend i said no thats not true he loves me and was smilling. then as she was in school she sore her best friend who said ohh your still my friend and she said yes of corse and then her freind said even though im going out with him. she w=said WAT!! and the best friend said yeah i thought you new and so she was trying to be happy for her friend up untill she sore him. she cried her eyes out then te boy said im so sorry and i will always love you then dumped her best friend and went back out with her she was happy untill new years eve when she would out that he had cheated on her 7 times but still said he loved her and so she was so heart broken he had said forever and then when it hits 5 months she find out 4 of the people were her good frineds and she was soo depressed but just kept on taking him back and even no to this day she is trying to love again even though she nos that she is only said hand no 'broken goods' she felt like crap and is still really depressed.

i am that girl and he is my ONE AND ONLY LOVE :(

by Sarayah Zoe' Tullberg
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