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Category : Literature & Language » Books & Literature » Short Stories | Posted by : Anon | Posted on : 4/13/2011 | Updated on : 4/13/2011
Keywords : walked, she, muffled, was, ringing, desk, wasnt, phone, hoped, silent, maries, slowly, paul, said, replied, silently, jerked, quickly
The phone on Marie’s desk was ringing, and she hoped silently that it wasn’t Paul
The phone on Marie’s desk was ringing, and she hoped silently that it wasn’t Paul. She slowly walked up to the phone, jerked up the phone quickly and said a silent “hello?”
A muffled voice replied “Marie?”
It’s Paul, Marie’s ex-boyfriend “hello, again Paul”
“Hey. I regret what I did to you hon.”
“Paul I honestly could care less what you do and don’t regret. I made a mistake ever dating you”
“Marie, I love you!”
“Paul, I DON’T CARE!!”
“Marie, I-“
“Goodbye, Paul.”
Marie put the phone back on her desk and went to bed.

Marie was remembering the day her best friend died, exactly one year ago on December 26 2009. She remembered what she said at the funeral, how much she cried, and mostly how much time they spent together before that happened.
“Hey Marie, let’s go across the street to the café,” Paula, Marie’s best friend, said.
“Okay, Paula. You pay this time,” Marie responded.
“YAY!! Let’s go!!”
The sad thing was, Marie was right in a horrible way.
“MARIE! WATCH OUT” Paula screamed as she shoved Marie out of in front of a semi truck.
“PAULA” Marie cried while shrieking. “Paula are you okay? Somebody call 911! My Friend is hurt badly!”
The ambulance arrived quickly, but not quickly enough. Paula’s mom was there when Marie called her.
“Candi, I am SO sorry,” Marie sobbed.
“Don’t apologize, honey. She saved your life, I’m sure you would have done the same thing for her, and at least she died a noble death saving you,” Candi replied softly.
“I did not deserve her friendship. She was so brave to save me. She is a true friend. Candi this is all my fault. If I didn’t walk out in the street… This is all my fault!”
“Don’t say that. I don’t know anybody else who deserved her friendship more than you!”
“Candi I am SO sorry!” Marie ran off crying and didn’t look back.

When Marie got home, she ran in the door weeping. Her mom looked at her and followed Marie to her room.
“Marie, what’s wrong?” Her mom asked.
“Paula’s dead because of me!”
“Sweetie, tell me what happened. Is she in trouble or what?”
“Mom, Paula pushed me from out in front of a semi tuck and got ran over. She’s dead… This is all my fault! I should be the one lying dead on the ground, not HER! I have to make this right! I’m taking my college funds and paying for the funeral.”
“It’s going to be okay. I’m sure of it,” Her mom said sadly.
“Every time you say that, and it never is!”
“Just GO AWAY!” Marie slammed the door in her mom’s face and pounded on her bed with her fists until she fell asleep.
The sad thing is Marie didn't hold into account what a true friend was...
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