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Category : Literature & Language » Books & Literature » Short Stories | Posted by : Anon | Posted on : 4/13/2011 | Updated on : 4/13/2011
Keywords : vanessa, used, sad, cry, hit, very, cuz, was, name, always, story, thought, her, hi, vanessa
My name is Vanessa
this is a really sad story and i cry every time i her it just cuz the thought of it is very sad

"hi my name is Vanessa, when i was 5 i used to always get hit By my Daddy, i always started to cry, daddy gets very mad when i cry. my mommy is to afraid to talk to him about it. mommy never told me she was pregnant, but on a cold day amy was born, amy was my little sister. She Always Smiled. i finally had someone to play with, my Dad Stopped Hitting me when amy came. we Grew Up like A 'Normal Family' But One Day i Saw my Daddy Hitting my Little Sister. he ran away when i came to her. As i grew up i gave amy less and less attention. my Mom Told us we Would Sneak Away In 2 Days because my mom could no longer stand him hurting us. amy came to me the next day and told me she destroyed my uniform i Was so Mad At Her so i Went To A Friends house. when i came home it was dark, i turned on the light and say my dad hitting amy, there was blood every were. my dad ran away again, amy was still smiling and as a tear rolled down my face amy whispered "i love you" then her small eyes shut for the last time and a faint little last breath said my name. every day i visit amy and leave flowers on her tomb stone and say " i love you little sis"....
this is heart breaking and its very sad
Comments :
thats really sad.....!!
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