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Category : Literature & Language » Books & Literature » Short Stories | Posted by : Anon | Posted on : 4/13/2011 | Updated on : 4/13/2011
Keywords : thing, heart, gone, ad, guy, end, hes, little, was, at, met, you, down, park, set, sweet, gi
He stole my heart from me
Hi here i got a little thing for you all:

Down at the park at the end of the street
i met a guy who was ever so sweet
He stole my heart from me
and now hes gone and set it free
he went ad sat a girl upon his knee and tolde her things he never told me
i went home that noght to cry on my bed
not a word there was said
my dad came home later that night
and looked for me from left to Right
then he sore my hanging from a rope
and i left this note

Dig a grave
dig it deep
marble stone
from head to feet
on that stone place a dove
to show the world i died from love <3

by Sarayah Zoe' Tullberg
Comments :
Very nice!
In the place where I dwelled,I met a boy I loved so well.
I loved him and I thought he loved me,but in the end he sat me free.
He sat another upon his knee,and told her things he never told me.
At first I thought it was a passing thing,and in my heart his voice would sing.
I went home that night to cry on my bed and to my mother nothing was said.
My father came home late that night and looked for me from left to right.
He ran down the hall and my door he broke,as he saw me hanging from a rope.

There was a note upon my bed,with tears in his eyes he picked it up and read.
Dad dig my grave and dig it deep place a marble stone at my feet.
On my grave,place a dove to show the world that your little girl died for love...
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