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Category : Computers & Internet » Internet » Websites | Posted by : Viper | Posted on : 1/2/2012 | Updated on : 1/2/2012
Keywords : various, hilarious, mainly, sharing, based, lolcats, humor, content, created, loldogs, fun, featuring, website, com, 2011, gigalols, december, photo, pictures
Sharing Fun on
Slapix: Sharing Fun

Slapix is a humor based photo-sharing website featuring lolcats, loldogs and various hilarious pictures created on December 2011.


The content on Slapix is mainly submitted by the site users and the staff.

Anyone can rate, comment, submit pictures and create lols but advanced features like statistiques, and private submissions are only available to registred users.

Creating LOLs (LOL Creator)

Slapix offer a powerful and an easy to use LOL genrator,
where users can create lols and image macro by adding funny captions on pictures they uploaded
or pictures submitted by the community.

The LOL creator allow the users a high level of Customization (fonts, colors, transparency, seize, alignements, frames ...)

Url :
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