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Category : Literature & Language » Books & Literature » Short Stories | Posted by : Anon | Posted on : 4/13/2011 | Updated on : 4/13/2011
Keywords : bruno, there, boy, natasha, girl, bullies, was, day, her, kept, classes, loved, named, once, bruno, upon, away
Bruno and Natasha
Once upon a time..there was a boy named Bruno, He really loved this girl named Natasha. He followed her to her classes and secretly kept bullies away from her...
One day, Bruno was standing next to his locker when he saw Natasha walk to her locker...He just looked at her...thats all he did. Well, she turned and saw him looking at her and said "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU UGLY TERD"!?!?...Heartbroken...Bruno ran outta school and was never seen again. Natasha didnt care he was gone..she just acted like everyday was a normal day. About 6 weeks later...Bruno turned up at school but wasnt the same...his friends noticed a change in him. He was quiet and always had a funny look in his eyes..he also always sat alone. Natasha saw him and said "LOOK EVERYONE! THE TURDS BACK"!...Bruno sat there as everyone laughed and laughed at him. His eyes started to water up so he covered his face..."AAAW! IS THE LITTLE TURD GONNA CRY"!?!? all Bruno could hear..

The next day, As the whole school gathered to go assembly, Bruno stayed back in his class to have some private time..about 5 mins later, Natasha walked into the class...she was crying. Bruno decided to ask what was wrong and she told him "F*** OFF! I DONT TALK TO UGLIES!" Bruno sat back down. Suddenly, a man with a gun ran through the door. He saw Natasha and pointed the gun at her "EMPTY YOUR POCKETS!" but Natasha had no money, the man was about to pull the trigger but then Bruno tackled him to the ground and they started to wrestle.......BOOM! Why'd you do it? is what Natasha said looking at Bruno bloody covered body on the floor...the man had escaped...but killed bruno too. Bruno replied "You may not like me, but i loved you so much, i would've died for you...." Natasha started to cry. Brunos last words to Natasha was...."dont feel sorry for me, im just a terd" then he died...
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